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Dialogue on Rabbinic and Confucian Wisdom

As dean at Shandong University, I’ve hosted some cross-cultural dialogues on various themes. I plan to put them together in book form but the Covid crisis makes it difficult to invite speakers and continue to dialogues (for the moment?). So let me put online some of the dialogues we’ve had so far. This dialogue leads … Continue reading

Interview with Center on National Security about my new book (co-authored with Wang Pei), Just Hierarchy (Princeton University Press)

Thanks to John Berger for excellent questions. Here is the interview: https://www.centeronnationalsecurity.org/vital-interests-issue-32-daniel-bell And here is a Chinese translation: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/mEvsh2IISipY2nXWpaKt6Q

Two online “book talks” in two languages

Thanks so much to Princeton University Press’s Beijing office for efficient and thoughtful organization of an online book talk on May 29th. We presented my new book Just Hierarchy (Princeton University Press) talk with Q and A followed by an informative summary and video link.  It’s in Chinese and my brilliant co-author Wang Pei did … Continue reading

From Ferguson’s Fake Fact to a Full-Blown, Government-Led Conspiracy Theory: The Missing Link

As readers of my blog will know, Niall Ferguson’s allegation that the Chinese government allowed regular flights out of Wuhan to cities in the US and Europe after they were cut off to the rest of China has been debunked (see https://www.factcheck.org/2020/05/trumps-flawed-china-travel-conspiracy/ and https://www.thetimes.co.uk/past-six-days/2020-05-31/comment/corrections-and-clarifications-8tvc73g3c).   Unfortunately, the allegation was repeated by President Trump several times, including his … Continue reading

“Debate” with Professor Ferguson: Another Update

  Thanks to Professor Ferguson for correcting his error-filled initial response to my blog (http://www.niallferguson.com/blog/six-questions-for-xi-jinping-another-update). He now correctly notes my nationality (Canadian, not American) and has deleted the wrong information about my latest book and field of expertise. I also thank Professor Ferguson for conceding that his allegation that the Chinese government allowed regular international … Continue reading

President Trump repeats fake news that Chinese govt allowed flights out of Wuhan to rest of world after they were cut off to the rest of China

Here is what Trump said: “What China really treated the world badly on was, they stopped people going into China, but they didn’t stop people going into the USA and all over the world,” he said. “You couldn’t fly out of Wuhan to go to Beijing and or to any place in China… you could … Continue reading

Two podcasts on my recent book Just Hierarchy (Princeton University Press, 2020), co-authored with Wang Pei

1. The new books network podcast with Keith Krueger   What are the arguments in favor of social hierarchies? Are there differences in how hierarchy is viewed and valued in China compared with other countries? Which forms of social hierarchy are morally justified and how can they be promoted in the future?Drawing on a wide … Continue reading

Did the Chinese Government Deliberately Export Covid-19 to the Rest of the World?

US President Donald Trump said at Saturday’s news briefing that Beijing should face consequences if it was “knowingly responsible” for the coronavirus pandemic (https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3080574/trump-says-china-could-face-consequences). Where do such allegations come from? Surprisingly, it’s not just from the fertile imaginations of obscure conspiracy theorists or Hollywood screenwriters. Such claims are also published in mainstream media organizations. Niall Ferguson … Continue reading

PUP_China Interview (In Chinese)

专访 | 贝淡宁:跳出西方教条框架,用“贤能政治”来思考中国   Cited from PUP China WeChat account: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/k4ee9hgXxVaWu3_ZmgVCuw Daniel Bell 贝淡宁 贝淡宁是山东大学政治与公共管理学院院长,清华大学苏世民学院与哲学系教授。他与普林斯顿大学出版社合作出版了数本有关东亚政治与哲学的著作:包括The China Model (2016),China’s New Confucianism(2008)等。他是普林斯顿中国系列的主编。他的文章常常出现在东西方主流媒体上,他的著作已经被翻译成23种语言。 他与PUP合作出版的The China Model(译为《贤能政治》)自出版起便在社会引起广泛反响与讨论。书中挑战了西方学者“民主VS专制”的传统思考方式,将中国的政治制度用“贤能政治”的概念表达出来。这是一部极具原创性思考的学术作品,为东西方的读者提供了理解中国政治体制的新角度。 日前,贝淡宁教授接受了普林斯顿大学出版社中国办公室的专访,在专访中,他谈到自己的研究、谈到The China Model一书、也回答了读者们的疑问。   关于贝淡宁的研究领域 1 PUP China 您在中国工作了许多年,也做了许多有关中国的研究。您认为近十年来,西方在对于中国政治体系的看法和认知上,有什么变化吗? 贝淡宁:我觉得没有很多变化。目前,大部分的西方学者还是只考虑两种政治制度:民主和专制,他们很难考虑其他的可能性。那么中国到底是什么样的政治制度?我们应该用哪种标准来评价中国的政治制度?他们还没有很深入地去思考这些问题。一方面,西方的领导人、记者、学者仍然用民主VS专制这种非黑即白的观点在看待中国。另一方面,中国政府对于外国记者态度并不开放。因此,《纽约时报》或者一些欧洲主流媒体对中国的态度也并不友好。学者方面还是有一些变化,有一些人开始承认旧标准有其教条性。赴中和赴外留学交流的学生与学者也促进了外国和中国互相了解。我觉得这是很好的现象,通过学习中国的独特情况,他们会更加客观地对待中国问题。    关于贝淡宁的著作 The China Model 1 PUP China 您的作品The China Model在中国和西方都引起了广泛的讨论,是什么使得您想要写作这样一部作品,您觉得写作这部作品的意义是什么? 贝淡宁:中国的政治制度希望选拔出优秀、有经验、可以适应新情况的领导人,虽然理想和现实有很大差距。我的书主要讨论了为什么应该用这些标准来评价未来的政治体制和进步程度。很多批评觉得我的书中对于理想和现实的范畴处理得很模糊,但是我觉得理想和现实这两者都很重要,而最重要的是我们要明白我们用什么标准来衡量政治体制的水平。用民主VS专制这样两极分化的标准并不合理。我们需要考虑中国的情况和历史传统。在二战后,西方人觉得不论国家的历史、规模和文化,选拔领导唯一的方式就是选举。我希望The China Model可以让西方人跳出教条的思考框架,并鼓励中国人用这样的标准评价自己。 2 PUP China 在The China Model中,您采用贤能政治的概念来表达中国的政治制度。为什么您觉得贤能政治比较符合中国的情况呢? 贝淡宁: 第一,因为国家的规模。中国的规模巨大,不应该用小国家的标准来评价中国,小国家的问题没有那么复杂,它的问题不会影响整个世界。但是像中国这么大的国家,中央政府的政策非常复杂,如果领导没有政治经验将会举步维艰。大国家的政策会影响整个世界,如果盲目用选举民主制度来选领导,有可能会选出没有足够经验的领导。中国的大规模意味着它需要用贤能政治的标准来选拔官员。弗朗西斯·福山在他的作品Political … Continue reading

The Reading Lists Interview – Daniel Bell: Philosophy Is Hard Work

Cited from  http://www.thereadinglists.com/daniel-bell-reading-list/ Recently interviewed by Phil Treagus, for The Reading Lists. The Reading Lists has mission to inspire more people to pick up great books and use them as the stepping stones they are to achieving huge success and having massive world impact.   Here’s the full interview. Daniel Bell is Dean of the School … Continue reading