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“Debate” with Professor Ferguson: Another Update

  Thanks to Professor Ferguson for correcting his error-filled initial response to my blog (http://www.niallferguson.com/blog/six-questions-for-xi-jinping-another-update). He now correctly notes my nationality (Canadian, not American) and has deleted the wrong information about my latest book and field of expertise. I also thank Professor Ferguson for conceding that his allegation that the Chinese government allowed regular international … Continue reading

President Trump repeats fake news that Chinese govt allowed flights out of Wuhan to rest of world after they were cut off to the rest of China

Here is what Trump said: “What China really treated the world badly on was, they stopped people going into China, but they didn’t stop people going into the USA and all over the world,” he said. “You couldn’t fly out of Wuhan to go to Beijing and or to any place in China… you could … Continue reading

Two podcasts on my recent book Just Hierarchy (Princeton University Press, 2020), co-authored with Wang Pei

1. The new books network podcast with Keith Krueger   What are the arguments in favor of social hierarchies? Are there differences in how hierarchy is viewed and valued in China compared with other countries? Which forms of social hierarchy are morally justified and how can they be promoted in the future?Drawing on a wide … Continue reading